Nousha is a photographer & a yoga teacher, specializing in Portrait and Reportage. She graduated in 1998 with a BA ( Photography Major ) from University of Art & Architecture in Tehran and been working in the field since. Nousha's work has been published in Time Magazine, Noisey, Cosmopolitan, TripleW, Afar, Sonima, Yoga Journal Korea & USA, Rolling Stone ME, BrownBook, Forbes, Washington Post, The Guardian, Der Speigel, Global Citizen Magazine,and Inrockuptibles. To balance her artistic ventures she has found yoga ,meditation, and thai massage as a way to heal the to connect deeper with the community. Nousha began her yogic studies in India under the lineage of Swami Satyananda Saraswati, Thai yoga massage in Sunshine School of Thai Massage in North Thailand and most recently receiving certifications from Laughing Lotus New York. Nousha has worked with many NGOs such as UNICEF ,TCV (Tibetan Children Villages ) Dessine L'espoir (Designing Hope) and McSilver Institute for Poverty Policy and Research, to name a few. Nousha began asha as a way to create opportunity to see the world by offering multifaceted experiences much as she has experience as a citizen of the world. 


                         AMANDA VALDES-MOISER

Amanda is yoga teacher, actress, and teaching artist in New York City. Amanda began her journey as Off-Broadway and Film/TV actress.  Amanda was seeking more as an artist and she discovered yoga as a holistic way to balance the busy and demanding entertainment industry. Amanda studied acting at Rutgers University and William Esper Studio. She proceeded to expand on her arts education through her yogic  journey at Yoga Vida and Laughing Lotus New York . Amanda has over 425 Registered Yoga Teaching Certification  hours in Vinyasa , Lotus Flow, Bhakti, Fly, Super Sequencing, Hands on Assist, Prenatal Yoga, and Restorative Yoga. Amanda uses these modalities to teach regular yoga classes at Laughing Lotus New York , Sacred Sounds, and artist residences in New York City. Amanda studied under Dana Trixie Flynn, Sheri Celentano, Kenny Frisby, Mary Dana Abbott, Deb Langely, Ali Cramer,Jamie Skolnick, Felipe Gonzalez ,and  Alyssa Arroyo . Amanda is dedicated to making yoga and arts education accessible to communities by working with city organizations including Creative Arts Team of City University New York, Rutgers Summer Acting Program, Dr. Oz's Health Corps, El Puente of Williamsburg , and SCO program "Rainbow Warriors" for LGBTQ youth. Amanda's most recently has been featured in Yoga Journal Italia, Refinery29, and Daily Burn.